I-80 - Ridge Road to River Rd, I-80 at Shepley Road, Phase III Project, Will County, Region One/District One. IDOT PTB 202

Tecma Associates was selected by IDOT to provide construction inspection services for the improvement of  I-80 - Ridge Road to River Rd, I-80 at Shepley Road, Phase III Project, Will County

   CN 62N31: This is a shoulder reconstruction and temporary pavement widening project. Existing HMA surface and PCC base course shoulders will be removed and replaced with temporary HMA surface and binder course or with temporary PCC pavement. The work to be performed under this contract consists of temporary pavement construction, select median and shoulder reconstruction/rehabilitation, ditch grading, temporary drainage improvements, traffic staging, temporary lighting, earthwork, erosion control, construction layout, installation of pavement marking, landscaping. 

    CN 62N41: The work on this project will consist of a bridge replacement and installation of protective shielding. Work will also include approach roadway improvements consisting of pavement reconstruction, shoulder construction, guardrail replacement, and maintenance of traffic control along the roadway to the east and west of the structure, and any other work necessary to complete the project as shown on the plans and as described herein. Existing HMA pavement will be removed and replaced with HMA surface and binder course and HMA shoulders.

moving and replacing the existing bridge decks with a new PCC deck. The bridge will be widened to be 43'-6" out to out which will provide three 11' wide lanes with 3'-8' wide inside and outside shoulders. The existing lighting system on both northbound bridges will be replaced and upgraded to LED luminaires. The southbound bridges will have the existing lighting retrofit with LED luminaires. Concrete on the piers will be repaired and the steel girders painted. Staged construction will be utilized to close the northbound structures and northbound and southbound traffic will share the existing southbound lanes during construction.