IDOT – Peoria St. Bridge Reconstruction Over I-290/CTA Blue Line, Jane Byrne (Circle) Interchange

Tecma served as the Prime Consultant providing Phase III Construction Engineering Services for this $27 Million project, which was completed in the Spring of 2016.  Work included bridge removal and replacement with pre-cast concrete deck panels/UHPC/latex deck overlay, roadway reconstruction, Peoria CTA station rehabilitation, retaining wall construction, new barrier wall, drainage work including siphon reconstruction, electrical work, and landscaping.

During this project, Tecma staff developed strong, professional working relationships with key project stakeholders including the various IDOT/CDOT Bureaus, CDOWM, CTA, UIC, and area residents/property owners.  Tecma personnel successfully managed project specific challenges including extensive coordination of lane closures/CTA single track operations with abutting IDOT contracts, and constant coordination with CTA/DOR for station rehabilitation work performed under this contract.